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[TV] The Big Bang Theory S07E20

The Big Bang Theory is known for its character changes right near or exactly at the end of the seasons (like Raj being able to talk to women without being drunk at the end of Season 6), this time it's Sheldon's turn again, by giving up his pursue of verifying string theory and looking for a new field study, which leads to some hilarious moments during the episode...

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Apr 11, 2014

[TV] The Big Bang Theory S07E20

Apr 11, 2014 - Comments

The Big Bang Theory is known for its character changes right near or exactly at the end of the seasons (like Raj being able to talk to women without being drunk at the end of Season 6), this time it's Sheldon's turn again, by giving up his pursue of verifying string theory and looking for a new field study, which leads to some hilarious moments during the episode.

Raj is no longer dating two women at once (not that he ever really did), so Howard proposes a double date with Bernadette and Emily, so they can get to know her before Raj eventually scared her off.. which turns out not to be a great idea, since Emily and Howard had met before, in very unfortunate circumstances.

Seeing Sheldon drunk will never cease to be funny apparently, and this episode contains one of the best black-out moments he's had so far, specially when the audience is lead to believe something may have happened between him and Amy, only to find out the hilarious truth. Also, knowing what Howard did on Emily's bathroom years ago, which earned him the nickname of "Clogzilla", was definitely one of his funniest moments during this entire season.

Barry Kripke will always, apparently, be that one character that's put in an episode just to be annoying and a jackass to almost everyone around him, and this episode was not the exception. I believe he could definitely have more depth, as shown in previous episodes, but the fact that they're trying to pin him to the jerk stereotype is getting a little tiring.

Penny and Leonard didn't much add much to the plot other than just being there because they're part of the cast, and Penny's involvement in helping Sheldon decide to abandon string theory, could have perfectly been done by Amy. Not saying they shouldn't include characters if they're not gonna contribute to the episode, but the writers definitely could have done a better job on this.

It was a funny episode, no argument there, but not a highlight of the season. Plus, seeing Leonard and Penny losing relevance in the series bit by bit, is a bit disquieting. Maybe Penny getting pregnant could shake things up a bit? Who knows, but needless to say, I'll be for sure sticking around to find out  ;)

Apr 10, 2014

[TV] Two and Half Men S11E19

Apr 10, 2014 - Comments

Walden has some love troubles yet once again as the end of Season 11 of Two and Half Men looms near, while Alan´s fake "Jeff Strongman" is finally exposed, without that many consequences actually, which made this episode fairly bland in comparison to previous efforts in this series.

We also get some surprises this time around, as Mila kunis (who was Kutcher's girlfriend in the series "That '70s show") makes a guest appearance being the one responsible for Walden to wreck his relationship with Gretchen, for the second time around, so he's back to a completely single status, which apparently will be the tone for the rest of the season.

Seeing Kunis and Kutcher together again on screen was definitely a treat for any fans of "That '70s show", they definitely have some chemistry together (NOTE: just found out they're a couple in real life now as well), and the jabs and references they did about their previous TV shows, movies and even romantic partners, was definitely funny.

Do they really have to keep bashing Charlie Sheen for being kicked out of the show, and do they have to keep spilling his ashes for like the Nth time? It was funny the first two times, but if they're gonna reference Charlie Harper as a character, I'd like to see them do it in some type of positive light for once.

It was good to have Alan forcefully getting rid of his alter-ego, Jeff Strongman, but to have Gretchen still wanting to be with him after all that cocktail of lies, felt a little out of place. And speaking of weird, trying to add some shock value to the show by attempting some same-sex kissing between Kate and Vivian, on one hand, and Alan and Barry on the other, felt totally needless. They really couldn't find any other way to be amusing? It really felt like just thrown there for the sake of controversy and nothing else.

Not the best episode of the series, but also not the worst. Guess that bringing Mila Kunis to the show was the only cherry on the cake the series writers were willing to deliver, and deliver they did, but still seemed like a very poor attempt to inject some life in a series that little by little is getting stagnated, in my humble opinion. There are still another three episodes before the season ends, so we'll see if they can get their stuff together and go out with a bang, I'll for one be looking forward to it.

Mar 31, 2014

[TV] The Walking Dead S04E16

Mar 31, 2014 - Comments

"They're screwing with the wrong people". Those last words uttered by Mr. Grimes are the best way to sum up the entire season 4, and to set the mood for what's going to be season 5 of The Walking Dead, one of the best horror TV shows ever, and which is probably the second darkest episode after "The Grove", which was so dense I didn't think they could top it.. but they certainly did!

We see almost everyone reaching the mysterious Terminus, but who didn't see that plot twist happening? "Sanctuary for all"?? Yeah right.. at least Rick's group was a lot smarter than Maggie and Glenn's did, but the end result had them all locked up in the same place. But Rick's final delivery is what tells us the best is yet to come, and I for one am absolutely looking forward to it.

Are you into dark adrenaline-filled moments? Then I'm sure you loved this episode as much as me.. I mean, we knew Rick had become a darker and somber character after everything that has happened to him, but to be faced with the chance of his son being raped and killed in front of him, just took him to a whole new level. He became a "walker" for a couple of minutes, and as gruesome as that was, it was so thrilling, I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen (or even breathe) during that entire sequence. Plus, finally knowing what's up with Terminus and having most of the old gang reunited again, made this one of the best episodes of this kickass season.


The whole shootout at Terminus felt just bland and lacking when compared to what we've seen elsewhere in the series. Sure, it was established the Terminus people didn't want to kill them, because apparently they want to eat them?? I don't know, it just felt too frustrating to see our heroes overpowered so easily, but of course, if it hadn't happened like that, probably we wouldn't have had that reunion at the end. And who wouldn't hate the Claimer Gang? Seeing them gone just had to happen… we all know that.

The fact that the Terminus people were so careless as to wear and publicly display items that belonged to the rest of Rick's group, not foreseeing at all a situation like the one that ultimately happened, was maybe the low point of the episode, and a clear plot element thrown there just so the story could move along towards have everyone reunited. Not saying it was such a bad thing, but you definitely have to ignore this if you want to see this season finale as the almost master piece that it ended up being.

Amazing episode and amazing end to a shocking season 4. Everything finally came into place, most of the main characters grew up an changed into more rounded version of themselves, and the set up for season 5 (seeing how they're gonna escape Terminus) is just so magnificent, I can't help but giving it a pretty darn high rating. Looking forward to more Walking Dead action starting again hopefully before the end of the year.. I'm sure it's gonna rock HARD!

Mar 22, 2014

[Movie] Divergent (Hunger Games?)

Mar 22, 2014 - Comments

Thinking this was a rip-off of The Hunger Games (or at least trying to bask in its success), I approached Divergent very carefully, trying not to pre-judge it too much… and in the end, it proved worth it: while not being a good movie really, it still was entertaining enough to keep my interest all the way 'till the end… and that's a lot to say, considering the state of movie-making nowadays…

Set in a dystopian future, Divergent tells the story of five different factions of people who try to run society in a peaceful way by keeping everyone segmented (wait, I thought this wasn't copying THG?). The main star of the movie falls into more than one category, which makes her a "Divergent", someone who can't be controlled or manipulated, and thus, is a danger to society and must be eliminated. A lot of conflicts and battles ensue, people die, and the two main heroes emerge triumphant (really, this is NOT THG).

When Tris (the main character) first solves hear fear-tests using her "Divergent powers", but then does the same as someone from Dauntless would, the plot gets very entertaining, specially when you think she's out of the illusion, only to then realize she was still being tested in it. Also, the fact that she didn't turn out to be a slut (as it happens in too many of these movies) by passing up sex with Four, was definitely refreshing and, I feel, a change in the right direction for this genre of films.

The fact that the main character was made to be too similar in personality (and even looks) to the main star of The Hunger Games, was too blatant to put up with. It was like they were not even trying to hide the fact that they were making a movie which capitalizes in the success of another, to the point that probably the book this movie was based on wouldn't even have been picked up if it wasn't because of how well THG did in the box office. It was even irritating at times.

Having not read the book, I felt some characters were totally irrelevant to the plot (like Christina and Al), and some of them even useless (like Caleb, Tris' brother). Maybe they had some importance in the book, but here in the movie, they really looked just like pretty faces thrown in there just to make this film easier to market. Also, the "true romance during dystopian civil unrest" bit has been done already.. couldn't they have picked a more original concept instead?

I don't wanna say this movie was bad, since I did enjoy it a bit and it kept my interest during its entire run. Had The Hunger Games not existed, I probably would have been more positive about it, but the word "opportunistic" cannot escape my head when I think about this title. Let's hope they may be a little more creative when they release the sequel next year (not holding my breath, though).

Nov 24, 2013

[TV] Family Guy S12E06 (Brian's death)

Nov 24, 2013 - Comments

I'm not even going to say "Spoiler Alert" here, as the episode already aired, and probably everyone by now knows the huge plot twist in the latest episode of Family Guy: the death of one of its main characters, Brian Griffin. So with that out of the way, let's explore the episode and why the writers and producers may have really reached this decision.

The episode starts with Brian and Stewie fleeing from some native american indians after another of their time-travels gone wrong, and we already see Brian barely making it alive after avoiding a bunch of gunshots, spears and arrows. Then they make it back to their "real" timeline (more on that later), only to have Brian be run over by a car and dying at the veterinary clinic a little bit later. The family eventually gets a new dog, and life seems to be moving on for everyone.

Alright, here's my idea on why the decision to kill off Brian was made, and what possibly holds in the future for him (seeing as he IS scheduled to appear in future episodes). For starters, I hadn't seen any of the episodes this season, I didn't even know that a new Family Guy season had started, to be honest, and I feel I probably wasn't alone in that. My interest in this series had waned long ago, and if it wasn't for Brian's death, I probably wouldn't have watched any Family Guy this year… and I feel this was one of the main reasons he got killed off: in order to renew public´s interest altogether… and it's a fact already that they managed to pull this off.

Plus, a new dog with a vastly different personality definitely will be able to renew the air in a series that has already spent almost 12 seasons doing the same cutaway gags thing over and over, so I for one welcome that.

Now, since Brian is scheduled to appear in future episodes, here's some ideas on how they may bring him back: first off, this was one of those time-travel episodes, where they go to the past and change things, then they go back again to alternate dimensions and what not. It's possible then that Brian is still alive in another dimension, and that's who we get to see… OR, we discover that the timeline they came back to this time, was not the correct one, so I feel it's safe to say that Brian is not dead for long.

We'll have to wait and see what they do next… the producers made a very bold move with this, but we already see that it's completely working for them.

Nov 22, 2013

[TV] The Big Bang Theory S07E09

Nov 22, 2013 - Comments

It's that time again where most American sitcoms do one of those themed episodes and The Big Bang Theory is no exception, of course, as the whole gang heads to Mrs. Wolowitz's house to spend the holiday, to the resignation of most, and the total devastation of one (Sheldon, who compares being taken there with how slaves were forced to be taken from Africa to America).

We also find out that Penny was actually married to her ex-boyfriend, Zack, when both of them spent a Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and, unknowingly, tied the knot in what they believed was a "fake wedding". Leonard is of course not happy about it, and most of the episode is spent trying to annul the marriage, which involves inviting Zack over to dinner, which also ensues some funny moments in the episode.

Other enjoyable times involved Bernadette's father bonding with Sheldon, out of all people, with football stories and beer, which also lead to maybe some interesting developments in the show. Of course, this is not the first time Sheldon has gotten drunk (I think the first time was for Howard's bachelor party), but having him accept alcohol so willingly was definitely something new… plus, him buttslapping Amy at the end of the episode and asking her for more beer, made him look human in a way we may have never seen him before… I think i read somewhere that the writers were trying to make Sheldon less of a robot and more of a human being little by little, and this may be one of the beginnings of that process. I for one, really enjoy the change, as there's really just so much you can pull out of a one-dimensional character, so a more rounded-up Sheldon Cooper will definitely be a nice addition to the series.

I still felt it was a bit forced to have everyone go to the house of Howard's mom, to then have her get sick and unable to participate with everyone else, as the episode could have perfectly have taken place at Leonard and Sheldon's place, or anywhere else, but I guess that's just a minor detail.

All in all, it was definitely a very funny episode, and seeing Sheldon transform into a character with more depth is definitely something good, so I'll be looking forward to see this transformation continue in the future.

Nov 21, 2013

[TV] Two and a Half Men S11E08

Nov 21, 2013 - Comments

In what's shaping up to be one of the less entertaining seasons of Two and Half Men ever, this episode delivers more of the same: issues with Alan and Lindsey´s illicit affair, Walden having awkward situations, and Jenny being a lesbian version of Charlie Harper, all elements that are starting to get very old, very soon.

Maybe the only redeeming point of the episode is seeing Rose back in the show, but of course, she still does what she always does: being a stalker and an all-around creeper. Plus, her appearance in the show is very shaky and shady: she was the private investigator that Linday's boyfriend, Larry, hired to spy on her, but how could have he contacted Rose in the first place? I mean, we can assume that Rose is very crafty and resourceful, but plot elements like this just make no sense and, to me at least, take a lot away from the comedy elements of the show.

Plus, the whole Larry-Lindsay-Alan love triangle is really starting to wear me out, even if this episode could, hopefully, signal that the whole situation is coming to an end soon, now that even Jenny was thrown in the middle there… but like I said before, her futile attempts to fill the sleazy drunk man-whore's position left vacant by Charlie Sheen's departure of the show, seem way too forced and uninteresting. They tried it with Walden before, and it didn't work, so now they're going for the next best thing… but it's still not working, in my humble opinion.

Maybe the only funny part of the episode was the motel's manager trying to seduce Walden, and eventually chasing him into the bushes. I highly doubt he could become a regular character in the series (I don't see how), but if he did, maybe the should would stink a little less of what is doing right now.

A very poor episode over all, wonder if they'll be able to pick it up towards the end of the season, I still have some hopes for a miracle like that.

Oct 5, 2013

[Movie] Gravity (adrenaline in space)

Oct 5, 2013 - Comments

This is one of the movies which trailer really made me look forward to it. I thought everything was going to be one of those psychological experiments like "Moon" or "2001: a Space Odyssey", but sadly, it turned out to be just another action flick, an interesting one, but nothing much out of the ordinary... and I really was expecting so much more from this!

Sure enough, the movie has some interesting elements, like the "one-shot real time" effect, which I'm sure must have taken a lot of work to get right, but it also has some details are only remarkable if you're watching its 3D version (like all the stuff jumping towards the screen). In the regular version, they just look very ordinary. That doesn't mean that special effects are not spectacular, because they are, it's just that it's too obvious that most of them were meant to be enjoyed only in 3D, and if you're not watching that version, then you're really missing out.

Plot-wise, I was truly expecting a lot more psychological issues from being stranded in space, but other than desperation and hallucinations, I got nothing. I was still hooked on the screen 'till the very end, but the movie definitely did not deliver what I was looking for. It seemed that tension and explosions were the only thing that really mattered in the end, and that didn't impress me much.

Maybe it's my own fault for expecting so much from this movie, but I didn't expect to be this much disappointed with it. Even the eye-candy of seeing Sandra Bullock barely dressed felt too forced in… like, was had already enjoyed watching her take off her space costume at the station, did she also have to show skin when she was back on Earth? I'm not complaining, just saying it looked too much like a cheap move on the producers' part.

I'm still giving this movie a high rating, because even though I didn't like it that much, it was still a kick-ass movie nonetheless, and I'll give it nits proper props. Next time, I just won't have that many expectations when approaching this type of work (probably wishful thinking for the most part  xD).

Aug 17, 2013

[Movie] Kick-Ass 2 (superheroing!)

Aug 17, 2013 - Comments

After seeing the first installment in this series of movies a couple of years ago, and having really enjoyed it, I was looking forward to this second part, expecting more of the intense action and plot, and I have to say that I was mostly not disappointed, which doesn't mean that I didn't have some problems with it... because I did, big time.

Three of the main characters from the first part reprise their roles (luckily, no Nicolas Cage this time around xD), which are older now (specially Hit-Girl, who looks dazzling!), bringing with that a more mature aspect to the series. The raw violence from the previous film is back, and even more intense… at parts, maybe even more gratuitous, as sometimes the heavy beatings and killings seem to take too much importance in the overall plot, maybe to make up for a lack of depth in the story itself. I don't really have a beef with it, but too much senseless violence sometimes gets to me, and this flick seemed to have A LOT of it.

We also get a bunch of new characters (with Night-Bitch as one of the better looking ones), both heroes and villains… and the bad guys here are really extremely bad, no question about it. Plot-wise, the movie didn't have much to offer, and this element of having red Mist turn into a villain felt like an overall bad idea.. not sure if that goes on on the comics this is based on as well, but I felt was very weak as a story telling device.

There are talks about a third movie in the series, but I wouldn't see much point in it, unless it is to kill all the characters off and put an end to it all… and actually that may be what happens if this is green-lit. Don't know I'd be much looking forward to it, but since this part ended with sort of a cliffhanger, I'd at least be interested in checking it out.

I'd give this a better rating, because it still is not a bad movie, but the excess of violence ruined it for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Hope they make it better next time.

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