Nov 21, 2013

[TV] Two and a Half Men S11E08

In what's shaping up to be one of the less entertaining seasons of Two and Half Men ever, this episode delivers more of the same: issues with Alan and Lindsey´s illicit affair, Walden having awkward situations, and Jenny being a lesbian version of Charlie Harper, all elements that are starting to get very old, very soon.

Maybe the only redeeming point of the episode is seeing Rose back in the show, but of course, she still does what she always does: being a stalker and an all-around creeper. Plus, her appearance in the show is very shaky and shady: she was the private investigator that Linday's boyfriend, Larry, hired to spy on her, but how could have he contacted Rose in the first place? I mean, we can assume that Rose is very crafty and resourceful, but plot elements like this just make no sense and, to me at least, take a lot away from the comedy elements of the show.

Plus, the whole Larry-Lindsay-Alan love triangle is really starting to wear me out, even if this episode could, hopefully, signal that the whole situation is coming to an end soon, now that even Jenny was thrown in the middle there… but like I said before, her futile attempts to fill the sleazy drunk man-whore's position left vacant by Charlie Sheen's departure of the show, seem way too forced and uninteresting. They tried it with Walden before, and it didn't work, so now they're going for the next best thing… but it's still not working, in my humble opinion.

Maybe the only funny part of the episode was the motel's manager trying to seduce Walden, and eventually chasing him into the bushes. I highly doubt he could become a regular character in the series (I don't see how), but if he did, maybe the should would stink a little less of what is doing right now.

A very poor episode over all, wonder if they'll be able to pick it up towards the end of the season, I still have some hopes for a miracle like that.

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