Nov 22, 2013

[TV] The Big Bang Theory S07E09

It's that time again where most American sitcoms do one of those themed episodes and The Big Bang Theory is no exception, of course, as the whole gang heads to Mrs. Wolowitz's house to spend the holiday, to the resignation of most, and the total devastation of one (Sheldon, who compares being taken there with how slaves were forced to be taken from Africa to America).

We also find out that Penny was actually married to her ex-boyfriend, Zack, when both of them spent a Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and, unknowingly, tied the knot in what they believed was a "fake wedding". Leonard is of course not happy about it, and most of the episode is spent trying to annul the marriage, which involves inviting Zack over to dinner, which also ensues some funny moments in the episode.

Other enjoyable times involved Bernadette's father bonding with Sheldon, out of all people, with football stories and beer, which also lead to maybe some interesting developments in the show. Of course, this is not the first time Sheldon has gotten drunk (I think the first time was for Howard's bachelor party), but having him accept alcohol so willingly was definitely something new… plus, him buttslapping Amy at the end of the episode and asking her for more beer, made him look human in a way we may have never seen him before… I think i read somewhere that the writers were trying to make Sheldon less of a robot and more of a human being little by little, and this may be one of the beginnings of that process. I for one, really enjoy the change, as there's really just so much you can pull out of a one-dimensional character, so a more rounded-up Sheldon Cooper will definitely be a nice addition to the series.

I still felt it was a bit forced to have everyone go to the house of Howard's mom, to then have her get sick and unable to participate with everyone else, as the episode could have perfectly have taken place at Leonard and Sheldon's place, or anywhere else, but I guess that's just a minor detail.

All in all, it was definitely a very funny episode, and seeing Sheldon transform into a character with more depth is definitely something good, so I'll be looking forward to see this transformation continue in the future.

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