Oct 5, 2013

[Movie] Gravity (adrenaline in space)

This is one of the movies which trailer really made me look forward to it. I thought everything was going to be one of those psychological experiments like "Moon" or "2001: a Space Odyssey", but sadly, it turned out to be just another action flick, an interesting one, but nothing much out of the ordinary... and I really was expecting so much more from this!

Sure enough, the movie has some interesting elements, like the "one-shot real time" effect, which I'm sure must have taken a lot of work to get right, but it also has some details are only remarkable if you're watching its 3D version (like all the stuff jumping towards the screen). In the regular version, they just look very ordinary. That doesn't mean that special effects are not spectacular, because they are, it's just that it's too obvious that most of them were meant to be enjoyed only in 3D, and if you're not watching that version, then you're really missing out.

Plot-wise, I was truly expecting a lot more psychological issues from being stranded in space, but other than desperation and hallucinations, I got nothing. I was still hooked on the screen 'till the very end, but the movie definitely did not deliver what I was looking for. It seemed that tension and explosions were the only thing that really mattered in the end, and that didn't impress me much.

Maybe it's my own fault for expecting so much from this movie, but I didn't expect to be this much disappointed with it. Even the eye-candy of seeing Sandra Bullock barely dressed felt too forced in… like, was had already enjoyed watching her take off her space costume at the station, did she also have to show skin when she was back on Earth? I'm not complaining, just saying it looked too much like a cheap move on the producers' part.

I'm still giving this movie a high rating, because even though I didn't like it that much, it was still a kick-ass movie nonetheless, and I'll give it nits proper props. Next time, I just won't have that many expectations when approaching this type of work (probably wishful thinking for the most part  xD).

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