Apr 11, 2014

[TV] The Big Bang Theory S07E20

The Big Bang Theory is known for its character changes right near or exactly at the end of the seasons (like Raj being able to talk to women without being drunk at the end of Season 6), this time it's Sheldon's turn again, by giving up his pursue of verifying string theory and looking for a new field study, which leads to some hilarious moments during the episode.

Raj is no longer dating two women at once (not that he ever really did), so Howard proposes a double date with Bernadette and Emily, so they can get to know her before Raj eventually scared her off.. which turns out not to be a great idea, since Emily and Howard had met before, in very unfortunate circumstances.

Seeing Sheldon drunk will never cease to be funny apparently, and this episode contains one of the best black-out moments he's had so far, specially when the audience is lead to believe something may have happened between him and Amy, only to find out the hilarious truth. Also, knowing what Howard did on Emily's bathroom years ago, which earned him the nickname of "Clogzilla", was definitely one of his funniest moments during this entire season.

Barry Kripke will always, apparently, be that one character that's put in an episode just to be annoying and a jackass to almost everyone around him, and this episode was not the exception. I believe he could definitely have more depth, as shown in previous episodes, but the fact that they're trying to pin him to the jerk stereotype is getting a little tiring.

Penny and Leonard didn't much add much to the plot other than just being there because they're part of the cast, and Penny's involvement in helping Sheldon decide to abandon string theory, could have perfectly been done by Amy. Not saying they shouldn't include characters if they're not gonna contribute to the episode, but the writers definitely could have done a better job on this.

It was a funny episode, no argument there, but not a highlight of the season. Plus, seeing Leonard and Penny losing relevance in the series bit by bit, is a bit disquieting. Maybe Penny getting pregnant could shake things up a bit? Who knows, but needless to say, I'll be for sure sticking around to find out  ;)

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