Aug 17, 2013

[Movie] Kick-Ass 2 (superheroing!)

After seeing the first installment in this series of movies a couple of years ago, and having really enjoyed it, I was looking forward to this second part, expecting more of the intense action and plot, and I have to say that I was mostly not disappointed, which doesn't mean that I didn't have some problems with it... because I did, big time.

Three of the main characters from the first part reprise their roles (luckily, no Nicolas Cage this time around xD), which are older now (specially Hit-Girl, who looks dazzling!), bringing with that a more mature aspect to the series. The raw violence from the previous film is back, and even more intense… at parts, maybe even more gratuitous, as sometimes the heavy beatings and killings seem to take too much importance in the overall plot, maybe to make up for a lack of depth in the story itself. I don't really have a beef with it, but too much senseless violence sometimes gets to me, and this flick seemed to have A LOT of it.

We also get a bunch of new characters (with Night-Bitch as one of the better looking ones), both heroes and villains… and the bad guys here are really extremely bad, no question about it. Plot-wise, the movie didn't have much to offer, and this element of having red Mist turn into a villain felt like an overall bad idea.. not sure if that goes on on the comics this is based on as well, but I felt was very weak as a story telling device.

There are talks about a third movie in the series, but I wouldn't see much point in it, unless it is to kill all the characters off and put an end to it all… and actually that may be what happens if this is green-lit. Don't know I'd be much looking forward to it, but since this part ended with sort of a cliffhanger, I'd at least be interested in checking it out.

I'd give this a better rating, because it still is not a bad movie, but the excess of violence ruined it for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Hope they make it better next time.

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