Mar 31, 2014

[TV] The Walking Dead S04E16

"They're screwing with the wrong people". Those last words uttered by Mr. Grimes are the best way to sum up the entire season 4, and to set the mood for what's going to be season 5 of The Walking Dead, one of the best horror TV shows ever, and which is probably the second darkest episode after "The Grove", which was so dense I didn't think they could top it.. but they certainly did!

We see almost everyone reaching the mysterious Terminus, but who didn't see that plot twist happening? "Sanctuary for all"?? Yeah right.. at least Rick's group was a lot smarter than Maggie and Glenn's did, but the end result had them all locked up in the same place. But Rick's final delivery is what tells us the best is yet to come, and I for one am absolutely looking forward to it.

Are you into dark adrenaline-filled moments? Then I'm sure you loved this episode as much as me.. I mean, we knew Rick had become a darker and somber character after everything that has happened to him, but to be faced with the chance of his son being raped and killed in front of him, just took him to a whole new level. He became a "walker" for a couple of minutes, and as gruesome as that was, it was so thrilling, I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen (or even breathe) during that entire sequence. Plus, finally knowing what's up with Terminus and having most of the old gang reunited again, made this one of the best episodes of this kickass season.


The whole shootout at Terminus felt just bland and lacking when compared to what we've seen elsewhere in the series. Sure, it was established the Terminus people didn't want to kill them, because apparently they want to eat them?? I don't know, it just felt too frustrating to see our heroes overpowered so easily, but of course, if it hadn't happened like that, probably we wouldn't have had that reunion at the end. And who wouldn't hate the Claimer Gang? Seeing them gone just had to happen… we all know that.

The fact that the Terminus people were so careless as to wear and publicly display items that belonged to the rest of Rick's group, not foreseeing at all a situation like the one that ultimately happened, was maybe the low point of the episode, and a clear plot element thrown there just so the story could move along towards have everyone reunited. Not saying it was such a bad thing, but you definitely have to ignore this if you want to see this season finale as the almost master piece that it ended up being.

Amazing episode and amazing end to a shocking season 4. Everything finally came into place, most of the main characters grew up an changed into more rounded version of themselves, and the set up for season 5 (seeing how they're gonna escape Terminus) is just so magnificent, I can't help but giving it a pretty darn high rating. Looking forward to more Walking Dead action starting again hopefully before the end of the year.. I'm sure it's gonna rock HARD!

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