Apr 10, 2014

[TV] Two and Half Men S11E19

Walden has some love troubles yet once again as the end of Season 11 of Two and Half Men looms near, while Alan´s fake "Jeff Strongman" is finally exposed, without that many consequences actually, which made this episode fairly bland in comparison to previous efforts in this series.

We also get some surprises this time around, as Mila kunis (who was Kutcher's girlfriend in the series "That '70s show") makes a guest appearance being the one responsible for Walden to wreck his relationship with Gretchen, for the second time around, so he's back to a completely single status, which apparently will be the tone for the rest of the season.

Seeing Kunis and Kutcher together again on screen was definitely a treat for any fans of "That '70s show", they definitely have some chemistry together (NOTE: just found out they're a couple in real life now as well), and the jabs and references they did about their previous TV shows, movies and even romantic partners, was definitely funny.

Do they really have to keep bashing Charlie Sheen for being kicked out of the show, and do they have to keep spilling his ashes for like the Nth time? It was funny the first two times, but if they're gonna reference Charlie Harper as a character, I'd like to see them do it in some type of positive light for once.

It was good to have Alan forcefully getting rid of his alter-ego, Jeff Strongman, but to have Gretchen still wanting to be with him after all that cocktail of lies, felt a little out of place. And speaking of weird, trying to add some shock value to the show by attempting some same-sex kissing between Kate and Vivian, on one hand, and Alan and Barry on the other, felt totally needless. They really couldn't find any other way to be amusing? It really felt like just thrown there for the sake of controversy and nothing else.

Not the best episode of the series, but also not the worst. Guess that bringing Mila Kunis to the show was the only cherry on the cake the series writers were willing to deliver, and deliver they did, but still seemed like a very poor attempt to inject some life in a series that little by little is getting stagnated, in my humble opinion. There are still another three episodes before the season ends, so we'll see if they can get their stuff together and go out with a bang, I'll for one be looking forward to it.

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